IRIS (Integrated Research Information Systems)

Project summary

The Integrated Research Information Systems (IRIS) project has replaced our existing University Research Management System (URMS) and redesigned the current system to improve usability as well as integration with existing systems.

Why are we doing this project?

The University Research Management System (URMS) was developed around 2001 as a replacement for paper costing and authorisation forms for research grants. While the system had been developed and improved since its creation, it no longer met the needs of the University research community.

The Integrated Research Information Systems (IRIS) project allows us to more easily meet internal reporting and funding requirements of our research partners by allowing a higher degree of integration between our systems and data. It also provides a significantly improved user experience.

Project Manager: Simon Geller

Project Sponsor: Richard Jones

Delivery Date: July 2019

How does this project benefit the University?

Primarily the new systems offer a better user experience for the research community. The system not only provides a more streamlined interface, but also increases integration between internal systems - ensuring that information only needs to be entered once.

World class research is vital to the overall success of the University. The IRIS project and implementation of the new system will contribute to this by reducing the administrative burden of research grants and creating a better experience for our research community.

Project milestones

  • Project start: October 2014
  • Delivery of research support homepage (MyResearch): June 2015
  • Delivery of Research Estimating Tool: July 2015
  • Delivery of Costing Tool minimum viable product: June 2017
  • Costing Tool enhancements delivered: December 2017
  • Launch of Post Award minimum viable product: November 2018
  • Launch of Budget Management features that will enable us to withdraw URMS & CARMA: March 2019
  • Delivery of Post Award enhancements: July 2018 - July 2019
  • Transition from Project to Continuous Service Improvement: July 2019