CiCS Development Portfolio Definition

CiCS always has a large number of new developments being researched and implemented and the larger ones are organised into a portfolio of projects. The purpose of a ‘Development Portfolio Definition' is to lay out what the portfolio comprises, how it is organised and how it relates to the rest of the business. Since this is the departmental Development Portfolio much of the strategy is of course simply the departmental strategy.

The Projects

  • The Portfolio of Projects, including the overall schedule, is updated monthly following each Service Strategy Board. 
  • Upcoming changes are shown on the Projects site front page. The News tab there shows news from all the projects and other larger developments, sorted by service area. 
  • There are very many developments in CiCS which are not extensive enough to be managed as formal projects, though some of them are quite large. These will often appear as ‘Other Developments’ in the News tab mentioned above. We are currently working on a structure to expose and manage better the ‘large developments’, defined as those needing more than 20 person days work.




  • The Risk context for the portfolio is the CiCS Risk Register, together with the departmental risk management processes. 
  • In addition, each project manages its own project-specific risks.