Voicemail (Audix) replacement project 

Project Summary 

The current voicemail system, Audix, is reaching its end of life and due to the age of the operating system is no longer resilient - putting our voicemail at risk.

This project will purchase and implement a new voicemail system, including migrating all existing voicemail accounts from Audix to the new platform. Doing so will improve the resilience, security and user experience of our voicemail.

Project Manager: Chris Daniels

Delivery Date: Expected January 2019

Why are we doing this project? 

The current Audix system has been in place for several years, and is no longer meeting the University’s needs. Action is required to address the risk to the University voicemail service that Audix poses, in terms of resilience and security. Failure to do this work places the voicemail service at risk from potential hardware failures, software issues or weaknesses in security from an end of support operating system.

By replacing Audix, the University will be able to continue to provide a service which is reliable and effective for all users.

How will the project benefit the University

Primarily, the risks associated with the current Audix system will be mitigated. The new
University voicemail service will be based on modern, supported, resilient hardware and operating systems.

The system will also integrate with the core telephony platform, using modern standards (SIP) as opposed to the current legacy connections (analogue lines).

Additional features will be available to users which will improve the efficiency and usability of the service. These may include the delivery of voicemail notifications and/or messages as emails and the scheduling of greeting message changes for holiday periods.

Project milestones

Project start: April 2018

Purchase system: July 2018

Implementation: Expected January 2019