Archive Advice and Guidance

The University archivist can advise if departmental records are worthy of permanent preservation within the University archive. For example departments who are relocating often take the opportunity to dispose of old records they think might no longer be useful. If this is the case please contact the archives. Arrangements can be made for the secure transfer and custody of such records, prior to their arrangement and cataloguing to professional archive standards.

The University archivist can also advise on the holdings of the archive and the contents of particular records in the context of whether they could be of use to researchers.

The University archives can only be enhanced by good record keeping within the University. Good record keeping makes good archives. There is therefore a close relationship between the University´s records management services and the University´s archives. Guidance and advice on any aspect of record keeping or information management can therefore be sought from the University´s archive/records management service.

For advice and guidance on any aspects of archiving, please contact the Records Management Team.

Records Management Team