North Campus Records Centre

The University has a new storage facility to improve the management of departmental records. It is run by the University's records management service and uses best practice standards for the efficient and effective management of paper based departmental records.

Purpose of the Records Centre

The Records Centre can be used to store paper records such as student files, assessed work (exam scripts), departmental papers such as financial records, indeed any records that are routinely created by the department when carrying out day to day business.

The facility should be to store records that departments need to keep but don't have space for. You may wish to take advantage of this service in the following circumstances:

  • Your department or office is moving.
  • You feel that you haven't got enough space in your office to store records.
  • You feel your department has record keeping issues of any sort.


The service will provide departments with the following benefits:

  • Use of high quality accommodation for the storage of records.
  • A quick and efficient retrieval service for records that are requested back by departments.
  • A secure disposal service for records that are no longer required.
  • Professional records management guidance and advice to identify your departments particular needs and requirements.

Use of the facility will enable departments to improve:

  • Record keeping security and record keeping practices
  • Space management
  • Access to records and information
  • Compliance with external and internal directives on record keeping
  • Business continuity planning

Using the Records Centre

If you are interested in using the facility, please contact the Records Management Team.

Records Management Team