Records Retention Schedules

The following documents are taken from the third iteration of the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) generic records retention schedule.

JISC Records Retention Schedule and associated guidance

They can be freely used and adopted by departments as they stand. However greater benefit would be forthcoming if they were specifically adapted to the needs and requirements of departments and embedded into business activities. This can be achieved with the assistance of the Records Management Service. If you would like to investigate specific adaptation then please contact us:

email :

Retention Schedules - How long do documents need to be kept?

Business Unit Management Retention Schedule (pdf)

Commercial Services Rentention Schedule (pdf)

Corporate Governance Retention Schedule (pdf)

Corporate Relations Retention Schedule (pdf)

Corporate Resources Retention Schedule (pdf)

Corporate Services Retention Schedule (pdf)

Generic Records Retention Guidance (pdf)

Knowledge Transfer and Enterprise Retention Schedule (pdf)

Related Companies Retention Schedule (pdf)

Research Retention Schedule (pdf)

Student Administration Retention Schedule (pdf)

Student Services Retention Schedule (pdf)

Teaching and Learning Retention Schedule (pdf)