Research Data Archives

We are also registered with a number of research data archives. These provide social scientists and other researchers with access to a whole range of data sets from UK and European governments and academic institutions.

They offer a data storage facility and provide advice on research methods, preparing your data and data backup, with some resources aimed specifically at postgraduate students.

UK Data Archive

This is a major place for storing research data so it can be reused for other research by other social scientists.
Their resources on preparing data and on consent and ethics are good starting points for any researcher and they give sensible advice on backing up your data:

Economic and Social Data Service (ESDS)

One specialist service with long history is the Economic and Social Data Service (ESDS) which provides access to a lot of data sets of government and longitudinal data as well as some qualitative data sets. Their 'About ESDS' page is very useful and contains links to other important data services. 

Comprehensive Knowledge Archive Net

The Comprehensive Knowledge Archive Net has a whole range of data sets on various topics with quite a few under open license. It has both a the UK government data archive and a European one.


Vitae supports the training and development of researchers and includes blogs on research methods. They run several blogs including one aimed specifically at postgraduate researchers called "Whats up Doc?"