How to Get Compute Resources for your Project

Normal usage of centrally provided Storage and HPC facilities 'e.g. iceberg and ShARC' at the University of Sheffield is free. For research grants, as with other CiCS services, it is included in the central service overhead. This means that users receive a fair share of HPC services alongside other users, who number about 900 in any one academic year. Researchers requiring compute and data storage resources beyond the capabilities of  “free at the point of use” service have the following options:

  1. Reserve a portion of the local HPC and research data file store for a length of time.
  2. Use the N8 Regional Computing Facilities,
  3. Purchase HPC hardware, 

Reserve Resources for Research Computing

Researchers can purchase data storage and compute resources from the central research data and HPC service. This is paid for using a project research grant or other funds. See research computing costs.

Use the N8 Facilities

The University of Sheffield has a ⅛ share of the N8 HPC facility and manages access to it on behalf of researchers at The University of Sheffield. Details on how to access the facility are at
We also provide some local N8 related information on our web pages.  

Purchase Resources for Research Computing

Research groups can work with CiCS to purchase hardware that will sit within the framework of ShARC while delivering dedicated HPC services for their research. This will give research teams the advantage of having access to dedicated resources while continuing to take advantage of the 'free' facilities as well. The University of Sheffield has a framework agreement for procuring such extra HPC hardware at favourable prices. This is prepared by CiCS working with the Research Computing Advisory Group. Research groups who are interested should initially contact to start a dialog.  
It is important to note that the 'framework agreement' ensures and in a way limits the choice of new hardware so as to be able to integrate it with the ShARC cluster.

Extra File Storage Costs

CiCS also provides general purpose networked file storage at prices ranging from £100 per TB per annum. If backup is required there is also a charge of £100 per TB per copy.  For more information on this please see research computing costs and CiCS information on filestore.