Using Exceed to access iceberg

Open Text Exceed software is freely available to Sheffield University staff and students.

A zip archive of installation setup image can be downloaded from here or via a link on the R.H.S.
Installation and user instructions are available  here  or via the link on the R.H.S.

IMPORTANT: Exceed installation media contains three components of this software and all three of them must be installed for successful access to iceberg.

Once Exceed is installed, follow the instructions below to access iceberg for the first time.  Note: If step (6) below was followed then the next time you will only need to click an icon on your desktop to access iceberg. 

  1. Select Xstart from the Exceed menu, under Start>Programs>OpenText Exceed>Exceed Tools .
  2. In the dialog box that appears for Method select Secure Shell 
  3. For host select and type your username in the User ID field and enter your iceberg password in the password box.
  4. Then, in the Command field type the following command:
  5. xterm -ls -sb -sl 1024 -display @d
  6. Save this information by selecting Save from the File menu. To make life easier save it on the desktop. Next time you can simply double-click this icon access iceberg.
  7. When you have provided a name click OK.
  8. Start the X terminal session by selecting Action>Run menu or clicking the Run icon in the menu bar.
  9. After a short wait a terminal window should open onto iceberg.