training course

We can arrange and provide a diverse portfolio of training courses and opportunities. We:

  • offer a range of training course for individuals
  • design bespoke training for your group on request
  • provide training as part of the Doctoral Development Programme
  • arrange training from external providers
  • deliver training courses to our external partners

  2018-2019 Training Timetable

Short Courses and Seminars

  These are usually  "half-day" training  sessions,
given about twice a year.
  They are instructor-led  with a mix of taught
sessions and hands on exercises.

On-line training for MATLAB via Mathworks

We have a limited number of seats available for on-line training at a professional level during 2016.

Information Security Training

On line information security training courses are provided. These courses help you toaccess the information you need, when you need it in a secure way. They provide techniques for keeping information safe and will help you identify potential risks to security

Professional Training Seminars

These are in-depth, specialist professional training 
seminars that are usually given by external bodies.

Doctoral Development Modules

  These  instructor-led Doctoral Development
 Program modules are delivered in five or six
half-day sessions.  Subjects covered currently include
HPC, Linux, MATLAB, C/C++,  Fortran programming.

Online Training Via LinkedIn Learning

Through our partnership with LinkedIn Learning we are now able to provide thousands of online training courses to University staff through MUSE. Courses cover a diverse range of subject from IT software and systems, business skills and creative media. All courses are online and can be undertaken on or off campus.

Bespoke Courses

We can tailor some of our training courses to meet a
research team's or department's needs in a particular
format or make them supplementary part of their
Email enquiries about arranging a bespoke course
should be directed to: .