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Resource bookings are available to all students within the University of Sheffield. Each team that manages the equipment and spaces that are bookable by students have individualised terms and conditions and time frames for the bookings. Please
familiarise yourself with this
information found on these pages.

Bookable resources for students
> Laptops
> Group Study Spaces
> Creative Media Facilities
> Creative Media Equipment


There are a range of help guides, FAQs and resources to help you use the resource booking system easily throughout your studies.

If you have any further questions or if you are experiencing any issues with the resource bookings system please click the link below and email the CICS Helpdesk who will direct your call to the appropriate team.

Email Helpdesk


Resource Bookings:

The Resource Bookings solution that has been adopted by the University of Sheffield is called Connect2.
This system can be used by all staff and students at the university and can be used to book out equipment to help with the learning journey of the students as well as enable the creation of multi media resources by staff and students.

Students can book out;
> Laptops
> Group Study Spaces
> Creative Media Facilities
> Creative Media Equipment

Please Note: You are responsible for all equipment booked under your name. If any equipment is lost or damaged whilst you are loaning it you are responsible for the repair fees or replacement of the item/s

What does it mean for me?

As a student you can book group spaces, Creative Media facilities and multi media equipment and laptops to aid your learning as well as to create multi media resources for extra curricula activities and societies.

Please ensure you check the terms and conditions for each resource prior to booking as some equipment is owned by different teams within the university. Also be aware that if the equipment is booked in your name you may be responsible for that equipment. If it is lost, broken or damaged you may be responsible for the costs of the repair or replacement of that equipment.

Help and Support

Help Guides

There are a number of help guides for students in regards to the resource bookings system used by the University of Sheffield which can be found below. If you are unsure of the booking system or would like any new help guides created please contact and the support team for the system would be happy to create these for you.


Student FAQs

Below you will find the most frequently asked questions about the Resource Bookings system and service we receive from students. If the answer to your question is not found below, please email the support team at and we will be happy to answer this for you.

What is Connect2?

Connect2 is the resource bookings solution adopted by the University of Sheffield for staff and students. This system allows staff and students to book out a range of multimedia equipment and learning resources to aid their learning journey and work.

What can I book out?

As a student you have access to book out;

> Laptops
> Group Study Spaces
> Creative Media Facilities
> Creative Media Equipment

How to book equipment:

How do I access it?

 To access the Resource Bookings system as a student it is very straightforward.

Login to MUSE > Click on My Services > Click on the Resource Bookings link and you will be taken to the Resource Bookings page.

Student Login

Where do I access help and support?

Help & Support

Depending which resource you are booking out depends on the help and support you will receive from the staff members available. For all of your help and support needs with the resource bookings system  you can find the information on these webpages.

Creative Media equipment & facilities

If you are wanting to loan out Creative Media equipment or book out any of the Creative Media facilities the Creative Media support team are based on level 4 of The Diamond and they can help and advise you where needed. If you are unsure what type of camera you may need for an event or even how to use the equipment, the team are there to help during the running hours of the service which is from 9am-5pm.

For the Creative Media facilities that are also part of the Creative Media service which is based on the 4th floor of The Diamond you can book inductions to the podcasting studio and the TV studio which are two of the bookable spaces for multi media resources to be created. The team can talk you through how to use the facilities as well if needed, this is only available during opening hours of the service which is from 9am-5pm.

Laptop Loans

The laptops that are available in Western Bank Library and the Royal Hallamshire Hospital are loaned out by the counter staff based in the library and so they will be able to help you with the equipment during the counter opening hours. The Western Bank Library laptops and the Royal Hallamshire Hospital can only be loaned out during the counter opening times as they are managed by the library service.

The Information Commons and The Diamond laptops are held within a self-service laptop cabinet and can be loaned out anytime when the building are open, however, the help and support available for the laptops in those buildings are only available when the counter staff are on the desks during opening hours.

Group Study Spaces

For the group study spaces that are bookable you may need some assistance if there is any equipment installed into the rooms. The counter staff in the buildings that the group study space is situated will be able to help you if needed.

Can I cancel my booking?

Yes, you can cancel your booking up until the booking is active which means the booking has actually started.

Cancelling your booking:

Can I use the equipment for my studies?

Yes, the equipment and rooms that are bookable for students at the university can be used to aid your studies. Cameras, microphones, audio recorders, group study spaces and laptops can all be used as part of your studies as well as being used for extra curricula activities such as societies. 

How long can I book the resource for?

The length of time you can book resources for is dependent on the service you are booking from. See below for the specific booking times of equipment.

Creative Media Equipment

Creative Media equipment can be booked for up to 4 days and can be booked 6 weeks in advance. In your booking you are allowed up to 5 items, however, you are only allowed one camera within your 5 items booked.

Creative Media Facilities (Media Booths & Edit Suites)

Creative Media facilities which include the media booths, edit suites and studios can be booked 6 weeks in advance and can be booked for up to 4 hours.

The studios have a cut off of 24  hours prior to the booking taking place as a cut off for bookings so we can ensure a staff member is available to assist you with the set-up and use of those rooms.

Group Study Spaces

You can book a group study space for up to four hours, and you can book up to two days in advance. If you have mobility difficulties which means you can only use particular rooms and are registered with DDSS so need to book further in advance please email with your request.


For the laptops based in the Royal Hallamshire Hospital library and Western Bank library you can book laptops during the opening hours of the desk in the building as they are looked after and monitored by the staff members in the building. They can be booked from 8am-5pm and must be returned before the end of the day. There are no overnight loans on these laptops. They cannot be taken out of the building at any time.

The laptops based in The Diamond and The Information Commons can be booked anytime the building is open as they are held in a self-service cabinet. They can be booked for 24 hours at a time. They cannot be taken out of the building at any time.

I'm running late for my booking, what will happen?

Each bookable resource have different rules in place if you are running late for your booking. As the student cohort at the University of Sheffield is so large, each service needs to have a policy in place to ensure unused equipment and resources can be put to better use by another student if you are late to start your booking of the resources available. Each resource has differing time limits for being late, so please read the policies below so you are aware of them prior to booking equipment and resources.

Creative Media Facilities

For the facilities that are bookable from the Creative Media service you need to report to the main desk on level 4 of The Diamond to start your booking. If you do not arrive at the desk within 30 minutes of your booking starting then your booking will be cancelled and the room or computer can be booked by another customer.

Creative Media Equipment

The Creative Media equipment that is bookable by staff and students has a 30 minute collection window after the start time of your booking. So if you have booked some equipment from 13:00 then you will have until 13:30 to collect the item. Once the 30 minutes has finished your booking will be removed from the booking system and the equipment you had booked can be re-booked by another customer.

Group Study Spaces

Group study spaces that are bookable by students have a time limit of 20 minutes after your booking has started before another student can use the space instead.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

If you are booking equipment or group rooms from the resource bookings system you will have to agree to the terms and conditions prior to your booking being added to the system. Each resource on the resource bookings system has a set of terms and conditions that students must read and understand prior to booking any rooms or equipment. If any loss or damage of the equipment or rooms you have booked out occurs during your booking period you will be responsible for this.

Creative Media Facilities Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Creative Media Equipment Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Equipment Bookings

Group Study Spaces Terms and Conditions

Group Rooms Terms