Check Availability and Book

To check the availability of a specific room before you book it:

  1. Log into MUSE and click the My services menu
  2. Click View all services and scroll down to R
  3. Click Room Bookings, and if necessary choose current or next academic year
  4. Click the Bookings menu and select Check availability & book
  5. Start typing the name of the building you wish to use
  6. Select the room you require from the list of matching rooms and click Next
  7. Select the date you require then click Next
  8. Available timeslots are displayed in yellow. Select the timeslot you require then click Next
  9. If you need to include an additional person in this booking type in their name and click Next, otherwise just click Next to continue
  10. Type in a booking note (compulsory) then click Book to provisionally book the room.
  11. You will receive formal confirmation from the Room Bookings team in due course