Find and Book

To find a suitable room and book it:

  1. Log into MUSE and click the My services menu
  2. Click View all services and scroll down to R
  3. Click Room Bookings, and if necessary choose current or next academic year
  4. Click the Bookings menu and select Find & book
  5. Ignore the first screen and click Next
  6. Click in the Time field and select the start time
  7. Click in the to field and select the end time
  8. Click in the calendars on the right to indicate the date
  9. Click Next
  10. If there is specific equipment you require click these items in the left-hand list. Otherwise click Next
  11. Similarly for room features
  12. When you click Next there will be a short delay, after which a list of matching rooms will be displayed
  13. Select the room you prefer and click Next
  14. If you wish for other staff to be included in this booking provide their name, otherwise just click Next
  15. On the final screen you must provide some booking notes, preferably a summary of how the booked room will be used
  16. Click Book to make a provisional booking. You will receive email confirmation shortly afterwards.