The seven service areas and their managers

Learning & Teaching

Patrice Panella

(0114) 22 21135


Research & Innovation

Martin Rapier

(0114) 22 21137


Communication & Collaboration

Rob Needham

(0114) 22 23095


Corporate Information

Anne Rodgers

(0114) 22 21134


Business Activity

Janine Barraclough

(0114) 22 24007


Help & Support






Stewart Harris

(0114) 22 23074



Service Managers are responsible for the delivery, maintenance and development of services within their remit. In particular they ensure that systems and processes provided by the department contribute to the departments strategic aims for service provision in a coherent way in conjunction with line and senior managers.

  1. Lead the delivery of all services within remit (as outlined by the service catalogue)
  2. Influence service management strategy and develop a vision and strategy to improve services within remit
  3. Interact with key suppliers and engage with users to understand their service requirements.
  4. Identify opportunities for service improvement and translate the customer requirements into a managed solution through improvement plans and projects.
  5. Play a key role in all projects within service remit, acting as one of the customers of the project.
  6. Ensure that any process/procedures relating to the service are documented, maintained and followed. Interact with customer for updates and changes to these processes and documents
  7. Regularly report internally on the status and performance of services within remit.
  8. Facilitate Service Advisory Groups
  9. Take responsibility for working with communications team to ensure appropriate communication internally and externally on all elements of services within remit.
  10. Manage and negotiate Service Level Agreements and Business Impact Assessment for all services within remit. Take responsibility for performance against SLAs and implement any necessary improvements.
  11. As part of Service Strategy Board work collaboratively to make decisions on projects and developments across the whole of CiCS
  12. Work with incident manager as required during any incidents affecting services within remit.
  13. Work with problem manager as required to take proactive actions to seek service improvements where needed and to eradicate any unacceptable levels of service.
  14. Work with Change Manager to develop and improve change management process. Act as approver in process. Support and champion change management policy.
  15. As part of Service Strategy Board play part in approving and supporting all Service management functions

Service Management

A key CiCS philosophy is that of continuous improvement – both in terms of the services provided to the University and in the way the department is organised so as to meet that aim.

In order to better describe the services that CiCS provides and to help gain involvement from its customers and stakeholders in identifying what services are required and prioritising their importance to the University a service catalogue is being drawn up under seven broad service areas.

Each area has had a Service Manager assigned. These will each be responsible for the delivery and development of one of the seven service portfolios that make up the whole catalogue of services that the department delivers.