Scientific, Mathematical and Engineering software for numerical computation, visualization and application development, with an interactive environment for iterative exploration, design and problem-solving. Mathematical functions include linear algebra, statistics, Fourier analysis, filtering optimization, numerical integration, and solving ordinary differential equations.


  • Staff and Students


  • MATLAB for Windows
  • MATLAB for Macintosh
  • MATLAB for Linux

Getting Software

Staff and students can download the latest versions of MATLAB and toolboxes free from the manufacturer, using instructions available via the CiCS Software Download Service.

MATLAB and toolboxes are also available for free use on the Managed Desktop Service, and on the iceberg HPC Cluster.

A new version is released twice a year, but the Managed Desktop cannot be updated rapidly.  For compatibility, older versions can be downloaded from the manufacturer's site.  Versions released from 2016 onwards will be 64-bit only.

Further details

Online training

MATLAB 'Onramp' basic training is offered to all new users.  In addition, the full range of MATLAB Academy online training is available to any member of the University.

After setting up a personal account with Mathworks (via the CiCS Software Download Service link above), the full set of Academy material can be accessed.