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 Current issues affecting services

Status Since Service Affected Details
Tue, 30th October
Windows 10 University & YoYo Desktop Wireless ConnectivityUpdated 13th November 2018
We have become aware of an intermittent issue where users with laptops (and other wireless devices) running Windows 10 v1803 on The University Desktop & YoYo may fail to login.

As a work around devices can be connected to the wired network if a network socket is available. Alternatively, users can try to log in again after leaving the laptop at the login screen for about 10-15 minutes.

CiCS are in contact with Microsoft.

 Scheduled maintenance / Services at risk

Status Start End Service Affected Details
No current issues.

 Recently resolved issues

Status Since Service Affected Details
Thu, 15th November
Med School NetworkWired and wireless connections to I Floor have been restored.
Thu, 15th November
SAPmyJob and myPurchase are available again through MUSE.
Mon, 12th November
Crew Flats and Bishops HouseIT services are now available in Crewe Flats & Bishops House.

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