Student Account Closure

As your graduation date approaches we would like to remind you that your university provided computing accounts will also be coming to a close.

If you need to keep any of your files, data, pictures etc. you will need to move them out of your university account to make sure that you don't lose anything:

Download files from your University Filestore (U:Drive)

You can download all your files on University Filestore, including work you've done on Uni Computers using our web based file access.

Save your Google Docs

You can retain all of your Google Docs either by downloading them onto your computer or by transferring ownership of them to a personal Google Apps account

Transfer your Emails

You can transfer all your emails from your university Gmail account to a personal one in a few easy steps.

Forward your Emails

Forwarding your emails to a personal account can help you and people contacting you in transitioning to your personal email account.

Set up AutoReply

An auto reply is a great way to let people who need to contact you know that you have a new email address.

Export your Calendar

If you have things planned in your calendar you can export it into a format which you can upload into most calendar programs.

Export your Contacts

By exporting your contacts you can make sure that you don’t lose any.

Auto-Export with Google Takeout

Download your Docs, Contacts, Picasa web albums, Google+ profile and Stream all into a .zip file with one quick and easy online app, Google Takeout