Using our student computers

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About uni computers

We provide identical PCs running Windows 10 for students in rooms across campus. Open the software center to access the latest versions of academic and market-leading general software.

You can search the Room Bookings timetables for Student Computer rooms.
Log into MUSE, and select 'My Timetable'. Instructions are available here.

Find a PCSee our computer rooms

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Laptop loans

You can borrow one of our laptops for up to 8 hours in the library buildings (24 hours in the IC and Diamond). The laptops connect to wireless, can be used anywhere within the building and it's all free

Loan a laptop

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Software available on uni computers

There's a world of software available on student computer including Photoshop, Illustrator, SPSS, Autocad and firefox. Click the software center icon on the desktop to install what you need..

Additional software Installing additional software