Nokia Symbian Smartphones

Quick Tip

The wireless network at UK universities is called eduroam. To connect to eduroam you will need to provide your username and password. However, when typing in your username add the text - this will allow you to connect at Sheffield but if you visit another University your device will automatically connect to eduroam there too!

Connecting to Eduroam

The following generic instructions should help you connect your Nokia to eduroam, you may have to make adjustments depending on your version of Symbian. We haven't been successful in connecting many of the new phones running this OS. If the settings below do not work and you have checked the troubleshooting information at the bottom of the page we will not be able to support you further.

  1. From the main screen, open the menu and select Tools and then Settings.
  2. From the Settings menu, select Connection, then Access points. Next open the Options menu and select New access point.
  3. If given the choice, select Use default settings. Then set:
    Connection name to Eduroam
    Data bearer to Wireless LAN
    WLAN network name to eduroam
    Network status to Public
    WLAN network mode to Infrastructure
    WLAN security mode to WPA/WPA2
  4. Select WLAN security settings to open the next menu. Then set:
    WPA/WPA2 to EAP
    WPA2 only mode to off
  5. Select EAP plug-in settings to open the next menu. Using the Options menu, disable all the EAP types except EAP-TTLS so that only EAP-TTLS has a tick next to it.
  6. Select EAP-TTLS, open the Options menu, and choose Configure
  7. In the EAP-TTLS screen, go to the General tab and set:
    User certificate to not defined
    CA certificate to GlobalSign Root CA
    User name in use to User-configured
    User name to to your username followed by
    Realm in use to User-configured
    Realm should be left blank
  8. Move right to the EAP tab then using the Options menu, disable all the EAP inner types except MSCHAPv2 so that only MSCHAPv2 has a tick next to it.
  9. Select MSCHAPv2, open the Options menu, and choose Configure. then set: User name to your username followed by
    Prompt password to No
    Password to your password
  10. Press the Back button. In the Cipher tab you can leave everything at the default settings
  11. Press the Back button repeatedly to return to the main menu.
  12. Start the Web browser application, and try to visit a web page. When prompted to Select access point, choose eduroam from the list. The device should connect, and the web page should load.


Most problems with connecting phones to the wireless network are related to passwords:

  • If you have followed the instructions above and your phone does not connect, you may need to synchronise your passwords. Use the link below to log into the account management page and click the option to synchronise your passwords.
  • Some people are still trying to use a second password (vpn, rats password) to connect to wireless. This will not work, use your normal University password.

Synchronise your Passwords