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Open Badges Explained

Open Badges 2017

What are Open Badges?

Open Badges are digital images that represent and recognise the recipient’s acquisition of a skill or achievement. They contain links to the evidence as to why the badge was issued. They can be used to motivate learners and surface learning, offering a clearer view of the skills and attributes that the recipient has acquired.

Why are we using them?

We are using Open Badges at TELFest, to recognise different levels of your engagement with Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL). We have aligned the criteria with the HEA UK Professional Standards Framework, so that you can use the knowledge, skills and achievements that you have acquired from TELFest to help contribute towards HEA accreditation.

Why am I receiving Open Badges?

We are promoting best practice and giving you ideas as to how you could potentially utilise this technology with students. You will receive a badge for the following reasons;

Attendance For attending 1 or more sessions
Presenter For presenting at 1 or more sessions
High Engagement For attending 5 or more sessions, and being prepared to demonstrate good practice in relation to TEL
Reflective Practitioner For evaluating your practice, via a reflective piece that can be used to evidence or supplement your HEA application for HEA Accreditation

TELFest Badges

What can I do with it?

You can add a badge to your LinkedIn profile to share your achievements. This will help you build a portfolio of TEL badges, that you can use to demonstrate your engagement with TEL and Professional Development. You can also store your badges in a number of online “back-packs”, we recommend you using Mozilla backpack to you store and organise your badges.

More information open badges can be found here

Instructions to add badges to you LinkedIn profile can be found here

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TELFest Badges