Student timetables

Student timetables for the 2019-20 academic year will be made live on Monday 9th September.

From this date both new and returning students will be able to view timetables online via MUSE, in iSheffield and will be able to create a timetable feed to their Google calendar.

Initially lectures will be shown but as departments allocate students to tutorials etc each student will build a personal timetable.

Your timetable can be viewed by clicking on My Timetable from the All services menu in MUSE.

The information below tells you how to view your personal timetable online, how you can look at other timetables e.g a module, making bookings, in teaching space, for a student society and viewing next year's DRAFT timetable.

Links on the right hand side of this page also show you how you can import your timetable into an electronic calendar (ICal) and viewing timetables via the iSheffield app.  There are also links to the Campus Map and to the University Semester and Term dates.

How can I see my timetable

Basic TT

Your timetable opens at the current week of the academic year (or the first week of the year if you are viewing ahead of the start of the year).  The top (centre) of the window shows the dates of the week and the week number e.g. 1(S2) = Week 1 of Semester 2.


At the top left of the window you can see a left and right arrow - to the left of your name. Use these to navigate to the Next or Previous week of your timetable.  


In the centre of these arrows is a calendar icon - use this to select any date in the academic year and view your timetable for that week.

Individual cells/blocks show when you have classes/activities.

The individual boxes (cells) on the timetable window show you:

  • The Name of the module/unit
  • The Code for the module/unit
  • The Bulding/Room in which the class is located
  • The name of the Lecturer
  • The weeks scheduled
  • Other information e.g. Experiment title

Cell descriptor

By clicking on one of the cells a pop-up window will open containing more detail of the timetable event.

Other views of the timetable

By clicking on the Timetables menu at the top of the screen you can change the way in which your timetable displays either as a daily or monthly timetable

Other timetables

Looking at timetables for modules and courses online

Although My Timetable will default to your personal timetable, you can also look up other timetables such as those for Modules/Units and Courses/Programmes and computer room availability.  This can be useful when you are making module choices as you can see when a module is scheduled and whether it fits with your current timetable.

Viewing other timetables

To view other timetables you will need to use the buttons at the top right of your timetable window


Hover over the left icon (innermost) and you will see it is labelled 'Toggle timetable list'.  Click on this button to open a panel to the right of your timetable.

Add TT

You can now click the Add button to view additional timetables - you can look at a Programme/Course, Class Group (a sub-group of a Programme) or Unit/Module

Add TT filter

To view another timetable simply enter the Name or Code of the timetable you want to look at e.g. SCS1002: The Sociological Imagination.

Click OK and the timetable will be added to your list and the timetable will be added to your window next to your own timetable.  You can repeat the Add process to view other modules, programmes or class groups too.

You can see in the example below the that the module has several alternative groups, of which you'd sign up for one, so you can see which one would fit with your current timetable


If you wish to keep the timetables that you are viewing you can click the Save button at the bottom of the panel - this will save the list and you can turn timetables on/off by selecting the tick-box to the left of the module.

Student societies

Room Bookings – Student Societies

Student Union societies and sports clubs may request to use teaching rooms or other University spaces on campus for their meetings and activities. Bookings should be made by one of the society committee members – the Activities Zone of the Students’ Union provides a list of committee members who are eligible to make room bookings.

You will not be able to make a booking if you have not been added to the list provided by Activities Zone.

Making a booking

Term time - During term time you should visit the Information Desk on the 1st floor of the IC, which will be open between 11:00-14:00 Monday - Thursday. 

Vacation - During vacation time you should visit the Room Bookings office which is based in the CiCS building at 10-12 Brunswick St, between 11:00-13:00 each weekday.

Advance bookings - For advance bookings for the 2019 academic year you can come to 10 - 12 Brunswick St on Friday 7th June.  The office will be open from 8:30 on this day only.  Advance bookings will be confirmed in July once the draft academic timetable has been completed.

You will be asked to complete a room booking request form when making your request.

You will need to have your UCard with you to book a room.

Using a room
 The person making the booking must attend the event
 Please familiarise yourself with fire exits and emergency evacuation routes
 Please cancel rooms if they are no longer required
 Use only the space that you have booked
 Do not exceed the capacity of the room (please see the sign in the room)
 If you move furniture please make sure the room is returned to its default layout (see room sign)
 Do not disturb other building users
 Tidy up any rubbish afterwards
 Food and drink are not permitted in University teaching spaces
 Notify room bookings of any change to your booking

External visitors/speakers

If a speaker is not a current student or a member of staff at the University of Sheffield, we will ask for more information. We also manage events differently if your event is organised in conjunction with an organisation external to the University and/or is open to people beyond the University of Sheffield or its Students’ Union and/or is publicised externally.

If you organise an event to which members of the public are invited and/or are making a charge for attendance then there is likely to be a charge for the room.

If you have an external speaker (not a current student or member of staff – see below) then you must provide:

 The name(s) of any speaker
 The group/organisation that they represent
 The title of their address to your group – the topic and an outline of its content
 How the event will be advertised
 Who the event will be open to – UoS students only, other students, members of the public

Information about external speakers must be provided at least 14 days in advance of your event, if we do not have 14 days’ notice then we will not accept your booking.

Current students

Please note that membership of the Students’ Union does not automatically mean that someone is a student of the University and they may therefore be regarded as an external speaker.

Timetable for the new year

Looking at your new draft timetable

Your timetable for the new academic year is published three weeks before the start of teaching in the Autumn semester.

Draft timetables for the new academic year are available from July each year using the link below.

The draft timetable may only include lectures if your department has not yet allocated you to seminar or tutorial groups.

The draft timetable should be regarded as subject to change before teaching starts; this may be due to changes in staff, changes in the number of students taking a module or changes of room.

Online calendars:  you can integrate your draft timetable into your electronic calendar by creating an ical feed.  But this is only for your draft timetable - you will still need to have a link to your main timetable when it is published in September (your existing ical link will still work after the timetable is published).  

Viewing the draft timetable

Please use the following link to preview draft timetables for the new academic year.

Draft timetable