Online Training Via

Through our partnership with we are now able to provide thousands of online training courses to University staff and students through MUSE.

Courses cover a diverse range of subject from IT software and systems, business skills and creative media. All courses are online and can be undertaken on or off campus.

To access the catalogue of online courses go to the All services menu in MUSE and select

Notifications newsletters are turned off for everyone, however, if you wish to receive newsletters about any new releases then, when logged in to Lynda...

  1. Click on your name in the top right hand corner of the screen
  2. Select news + email options
  3. Select which newsletter you would like to receive (if you're not sure on which one, the best subscription would be New Releases)
  4. Click on the Save button underneath then go to the top of the screen and select Browse Library


To receive notification of courses tailored to your interests you can indicate the subjects that you're interested in.

  1. Click on your name in the top right hand corner of the screen
  2. Select My Interest
  3. Go through each category and decide what you're interested in and what you're not interested in, otherwise leave it as no opinion.
  4. Click on the Save Changes Button


Playlists are groups of courses that you have chosen either for you to come back to over and over again, or you can share the playlist with others.

  1. Decide which video or course you want to add to your list.
  2. Open the course and at the top is a Playlist button
  3. By clicking on the button you have to choice of adding the whole course or just the video that you have open
  4. To have a look at your playlist, hover your mouse over My Courses and a list will appear with Playlists option at the top.
  5. Select My Playlist and your list will appear.
  6. On the right hand side of the page are options for you to edit, watch, copy, share, assign your playlist.
  7. Click on the Share link and follow the instructions.

Download the app app logoDownload the app and learn from anywhere at any time. The app is available to download from the iPhone, iPad, Android devices and Windows 8 & 10 PCs and tablets. Don't worry about losing your place, you can switch devices and go straight back to where in the course you were up to.

Once the app has downloaded, follow these instructions to log in:

  1. Select Log in and then tap on Organization.
  2. Under Web Portal, enter and tap Log in
  3. You will be taken to the MUSE log in page. Log in with your University username & password.
  4. If you are asked "Open in", tap Open.
  5. You should now be redirected back to the app and logged in.