Turnitin Feedback Studio 

Turnitin have launched an update to their service called Feedback studio which provides an updated interface and some new features. This combines Grademark and the originality screen into a single page. There is no change to the assessment setup process or the assignment inbox.

Aside from the change of name, the biggest difference is around the layout of the assignment screen. Currently menu options are in a variety of places on the page. In Feedback Studio these options are brought together in a right hand toolbar.

Some of the other changes are:

Improved navigation bar to switch between papers
In the current system switching between papers less visible, this has been replaced by larger buttons to make switching between papers simpler.

Improved navigation Feedback Studio

Thumbnail panel
To the left of the page there is now a expanding tab which provides a thumbnail view of each page making it easier to navigate between pages. This is particularly useful in larger documents.

Thumbnail in Feedback Studio

Easier to toggle between text comments and quotes
In the current system you have to toggle between quotes and text comments. In Feedback Studio, you can click directly onto the page and it will give you options of which comment type you would like to make. When you highlight text this will also bring up a different menu of the types of feedback you can leave.

Feedback studio comment options

New formatting options in the quotes box
When you leave a comment box on Feedback studio. Text can now be bold, italic and underlined. There is also a link tool which allows you to provide a clickable link to external content. This could be further reading, a link to a help video etc.

New format options Feedback Studio

Comment box now with Bold, italic, underline and links
Highlight text and click the link button to add a link
Link as it appears in the comment box

If you want to have a hands on look at Feedback studio, Turnitin offer an online sandbox to familiarise people with the tool.

If you have any questions about the changes or Turnitin in general contact tel@sheffield.ac.uk