Marking using the Turnitin iPad App

What are the potential benefits?

There are several potential benefits for using the iPad app for marking student assignments, you can grade offline, be much more flexible in where you mark,and it can make the process of marking easier and more efficient.


  1.  iPad, there is no version available currently for other platforms including android
  2. Access to a Turnitin assignment from a desktop or laptop machine (so that you can link the ipad App with your Turnitin assignments).

Installing the App

  1. Click on the App store icon on your iPad
  2. Click on the Search icon and type in "turnitin" into the grey strip at the top right-hand corner of the page then click Search on the on-screen keyboard.
  3. Click on FREE and wait for the application to install. You will need to type in your Apple ID (or ask an administrator to install it for you)
  4. Go to the iPad settings icon.
  5. On the left menu scroll to Turnitin. Under service ensure 'Feedback Studio UK' is selected.
  6. Launch the App by touching the Turnitin icon.
  7. Select Log in with Access Code
  8. The next screen will require you to enter an access code. Next you will need to go to a browser on a PC or laptop machine.

Obtaining the iPad Code

  1. Log into MOLE from your desktop or laptop
  2. Access the Module that contains the Turnitin assignment(s) you want to mark
  3. From inside your MOLE course, locate the control panel underneath the course menu navigation
  4. Click “Course Tools”
  5. Click “Turnitin assignments”
  6. You will now see a list of Turnitin assignments you have created within this particular course
  7. Click on an assignment title, this will take you to the Turnitin inbox. The Turnitin inbox is where all your student submissions for that assignment are located
  8. Click on the pencil icon under the word Grade for the assignment that you want to mark
  9. Once the assignment is open, look at the right hand panel, for an (i) icon.information icon
  10. Click on this and you will see an option to Generate Code. Click this and you will be given a code, which will look like: LDPP CNZW NXGI UYQE
  11. You will need to input this code into your Turnitin iPad App. if you don't have it already open you may wish to write the code down.

Access your assignments on the iPad

  1. Return to your iPad and type the Access code into the space below ‘Access Code’ and click Log in.
  2. You will be asked to create a passcode. This is so that no one else can access your work or your students’ work. You will need to type this in twice. This then takes you to the main screen.

Adding additional classes

Once you have added your first class you can start to add additional classes. A class in this context is a single MOLE site.

  1. Click the profile button in the top right hand corner.
  2. Click the 'Add Class With Access Code' option.
  3. Obtain an access code by repeating the process shown above for obtaining an iPad code.
  4. Enter the code obtained and click Add.
  5. The additional course will now be listed in your class list accessible from the left menu.
  6. Repeat the process as needed to add additional classes.

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