Access Grid

Access Grid

The University has Access Grid facilities located in the Hicks Building and HRI.

The Access Grid rooms have multiple cameras and multiple displays; this allows many different sites to be displayed to the participants, with a variety of different camera angles available. As Access Grid facilities are designed for collaborative teaching, they can accommodate more participants (20 – 50, depending on location) than traditional video conferencing facilities. All of the Access Grid facilities allow users to share their desktop to other sites; this can be very useful if presenting with PowerPoint or demonstrating software. Access Grid rooms are set up like a standard seminar room, with a lectern available for the speaker.

Access Grid spaces are suitable for the following conferences:

  • Collaborative teaching
  • One to one
  • One to many
  • Many to many

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To book this facility please fill out the booking request form and a member of the videoconferencing team will be in touch shortly.