Access to the Department during building works

While building work for the HeartSpace is underway, there will be two routes into the department.


Please Note:

The Red Star indicates the entrance to Pam Liversidge Building

The Blue Star indicates the entrance to Sir Robert Hadfield Building

Sir Robert Hadfield Building (Portobello Street Entrance)

The department can be accessed via the Sir Robert Hadfield Building. Go through the gates on Portobello Street (opposite the entrance to Qpark) and turn into the building via the electronic double doors after the car parking spaces on the right.

There are stairs and two lifts on the ground floor. Take these to Floor F and then follow the signs through Pam Liversidge Building.

Pam Liversidge Building (Broad Lane / Newcastle Street Entrance)

The department can be accessed via the Pam Liversidge Building using the electronic doors on the corner of Broad Lane and Newcastle Street.

On entry, turn left and go through the corridor/work area until you reach the lift. Press the button for floor D of the Pam Liversidge Building, on the left hand side of the lift button display. Once you are on floor D follow the signs to the Sir Frederick Mappin Building.

Other Department locations within the Faculty of Engineering