Project deep carbon: verification and governance of environmental carbon sequestration

DeepCarbon350x200Carbon dioxide storage in deep geological formations is part of a technological approach for mitigating greenhouse gas emissions while maintaining the security and stability of the world’s energy systems. Subsurface storage is the final element to the Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) chain, where the major issues are in understanding storage site capacities and the potential for leakage from the confined formation. As a result there are research demands on prediction, monitoring and risk assessment in order to ensure optimal and safe practice.

Project Deep Carbon is a collaborative project involving research activities in the departments of engineering, physics and law, covering numerical modelling, particle detection, tomography and legislation. The CMD group input is the development a new numerical simulator for geological carbon storage prediction in order to aid monitoring and risk assessment. The emphasis of this numerical research code is on coupling geomechanics and multiphase fluid flow.

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