Jiayi Wu

Department of Civil and Structural Engineering

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Jiayi Wu
Department of Civil and Structural Engineering
Sir Frederick Mappin Building
Mappin Street
S1 3JD
Research interests

Research Project: Microwave Sensing Of Turbulent Flow Processes For Intelligent Drainage Monitoring And Management

The need to accurately monitor flows within drainage systems is an emerging challenge, driven by the effects of urbanisation, climate change, and population change that alter the hydraulic load on drainage assets.

Accurate and widespread monitoring of flow, turbulence, and sedimentation is critical for the timely prediction and mitigation of flood events.

Most existing methods are intrusive and therefore suffer from high maintenance requirements.

Existing non-intrusive methods only estimate surface velocity and / or flow depth, while measurements of turbulence, which governs mixing and transport of sediments and pollutants, are too expensive, energy-intensive, or invasive for widespread deployment.

There is hence a demand from the water industry and environmental managers for accurate robust and non-intrusive characterisation of turbulent flow processes.

Research has linked these processes to the dynamic free-surface pattern, but so far our ability to measure this pattern is limited, and it has only been examined in detail for flows in rectangular channels.

My PhD research is to study the interaction of electromagnetic waves with flow surfaces in circular pipes and to develop non-intrusive instrumentation that together will enable the non-intrusive assessment of ow processes in drainage networks.

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Water Engineering