Study options

Students on MSc programmes complete 180 credits (12 taught modules plus a dissertation). Each taught module in the programme is worth 10 credits, while the dissertation is worth 60 credits. A Postgraduate Diploma is awarded for completion of 120 credits (or 12 taught modules only) and a Postgraduate Certificate is awarded for completion of 60 credits (or 6 taught modules only). All our courses and study options can be completed on a full time or part time basis.

  • Full time courses are completed within 1 year.
  • Part time study over 2-3 years. You can split your studying over a period of 2-3 years and complete the required modules when they appear in the curriculum, according to your availability. This suits working professionals who are then able to fit their studies around work constraints. It is not necessary to split study evenly and any number of modules can in principle be taken in each year, according to the curriculum. However, we do offer guidance on the recommended order that modules should be studied, since some build on knowledge gained in others.