Teaching & assessment


You will be taught by experts from the Department of Civil and Structural Engineering and depending on your course you will be taught by a range of specialists from industry and experts from Sheffield's other world-class departments that include:

MSc in Architectural Engineering Design

  • School of Architecture
  • Department of Mechanical Engineering

Throughout the year you will be taught through a combination of:

  • laboratory work
  • site visits
  • design projects


Your progress will be assessed through the following methods:

  • examinations
  • coursework
  • research-based dissertation
  • oral examination/presentation


A key component of our course is the research-based project. This will give you practical experience of research in your chosen field. It’s a major part of your degree and you’ll be allocated an academic supervisor who will provide advice and guidance throughout. You’ll get the opportunity to tackle real-life problems; the range of project topics is diverse and reflects the expertise of staff or your personal interest. There are opportunities for research projects to be carried out in collaboration with other University research centres as well as industrial organisations.

Research projects offered in the past:

MSc in Architectural Engineering Design

  • Thermal mass of exposed structures – a good idea or just a lot of hot air
  • Efficiency of phase change cooling systems in differing climates
  • Performance of solid wall insulation for retrofit housing stock

MSc Structural Engineering

  • Reliability of Foundation Performance and Implications for Structural Design
  • Rotational Stiffness Of Column Bases And Its Influence On Column Stability
  • Optimisation of a Road Drainage System
  • Examination of Advanced Solution Strategies for Non-linear FE Analysis