University's ethics review system

The Department of Civil and Structural Engineering confirms that its ethics review procedure accommodates and adheres to the following principles:

Remit of the University's ethics review system and ethics review procedures

All members of staff within the department and supervised-students who are registered with the department and who plan to undertake research which involves human participants (participants) or their data or tissue, should ensure that their proposed research is ethically approved via the appropriate ethics review procedure, prior to commencing the research which involves the participants or their data or tissue:

  • Research projects that involve the NHS should be ethically reviewed via the NHS’s ethics review system, administered by COREC:, and such projects should not be additionally ethically reviewed via the University.
  • Research projects that involve participants or their data or tissue, but which do not involve the NHS, should be ethically reviewed via the department’s ethics review procedure.
  • Should a project’s Principal or Chief Investigator plan to seek ethics review via an alternative route (e.g. via an ethics review procedure within another University or within another country) then, in the first instance, s/he should contact the Secretary of the University Research Ethics Committee (U-REC) who is presently Mr Richard Hudson (ext. 21448). The U-REC will need reassurance that the ethics review procedure in question is sufficiently robust. Once approved, a database of these arrangements will be built up for ease of reference.

The appropriateness of ethics review and appropriateness of ethics procedure is more precisely defined in the 'Applicant's ethics checklist'.

University standard ethics forms

Where ethics approval is required via the department's ethics review procedure, the following University standard forms should be completed:

  1. 'Applicant's ethics checklist': applicant to complete
  2. 'University research ethics application form': applicant to complete
  3. 'University participant information sheet': applicant to complete if appropriate
  4. 'University participant consent form': applicant to complete if appropriate
  5. 'Ethics reviewer's comments form': ethics reviewer to complete

These University standard forms are available from: