Resources, Infrastructure Systems and built Environments

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RISE ( Resources, Infrastructure Systems and built Environments) A growing research group which seeks to enable the creation of a built environment that allows humanity to thrive within the carrying capacity of the planet.

Urban Air Quality Monitoring

Air pollution is a growing concern for human health, biodiversity and natural environment in large urban areas in the UK and elsewhere.

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Intra-city Metabolism of 10 Major Cities in England

The UK has one of the world most urbanised societies where nearly 83% of the total population lives in cities. The continuing population growth could lead to increases in environmental pollutions and congestion within cities.

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Sheffield Urban Flows Observatory

Prof. Martin Mayfield and Dr Danielle Tingley have won funding for a new Sheffield Urban Flows Observatory which will create a model of Sheffield’s energy and resource usage using fixed and mobile sensors and thermal cameras attached to drones, balloons and cars to scan the city.

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Research - Sub-disciplines

Our activities span a range of fundamental, experimental and applied research.


Research Projects

Our research builds upon a culture of nurturing and addressing industry needs in collaboration with a range of stakeholders to provide innovative solutions to challenging problems.

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