Dr Shan-Shan Huang

Senior Lecturer in Structural Engineering

Department of Civil and Structural Engineering
Sir Frederick Mappin Building
Mappin Street, Sheffield, S1 3JD

Telephone: +44 (0) 114 222 5727
Fax: +44 (0) 114 222 5700

Room: F111c



By understanding what happens to structures in the event of a fire, we can design to improve fire engineering practices, in terms of safety, efficiency, sustainability.

Dr Shan-shan huang


Shan-Shan’s research into structural fire engineering aims to explore and understand how fire affects structures. This understanding can inform the design process to improve safety, and make construction practices economical and more sustainable.

Her current research focuses are:

  • Sustainable concrete in fire, e.g. the use of recycled waste products (such as tyre fibres) added to concrete as a way of controlling shrinkage cracking and explosive fire-induced spalling. This aims to make concrete infrastructure safer, more sustainable and more economical.
  • Fire resistance of greener building systems - e.g. the behaviour of engineered timber in fire.
  • Robustness and the prevention of disproportionate progressive collapse of high-rise building structures in fire – e.g. steel beam-to-columns connection and composite slabs.

Shan-Shan obtained her MSc (Distinction) degree in Steel Construction in 2005 and completed her PhD ‘The Effects of Transient Strain on the Strength of Concrete-Filled Columns in Fire’ in 2009, both in the Department. She then worked as a Post-Doctoral Research Associate on the European collaborative project COMPFIRE (Design of Joints to Composite Columns for Improved Fire Robustness) before taking up a post lecturing.

Fellow of the HEA, PhD, MSc, BEng


  • Member of RILEM Technical Committee 256-SPF: Spalling of concrete due to fire: testing and modelling
  • Principle investigator (PI) of research project “FIRECRACKER - Reuse of Waste Polymer Fibres for Crack-Resistant and Fire-Spalling-Proof Sustainable Concrete” (funded by Horizon 2020, £185,798)
  • Co-investigator of research project “Smoke Control and Structural Resilience of Tunnels in Fire” (funded by The Royal Society, £34,442)
  • UoS PI of research project “Re-Use of Waste Tyre Fibres in Concrete Construction” (funded by Innovate UK, £544,186)
  • PI of research project “Sustainable Fire-Spalling-Resistant Concrete” (funded by EPSRC, £124,760)
  • PI of research project “IGNIS - Reuse of Tyre Fibres for Fire-Spalling-Proof Concrete” (funded by Horizon 2020, £158,323)
  • PI of research project “Performance-Based Structural Fire Engineering & Robustness of Structures subject to Multiple Hazards” (funded by Chinese Government, £77,881)
  • Fellow of The Higher Education Academy

Selected Publications

Journal articles

Conference proceedings papers

  • Huang SS, Burgess IW & Davison JB (2011) A structural fire engineering prediction for the Veseli fire tests, 2011. Proc. Applications of Structural Fire Engineering (pp 411-416). Prague RIS download Bibtex download