Research Staff

Name Title Email
Abdel-Aal, Mohamad Research Associate
Ashley, Richard Emeritus Professor
Barr, Dr Andrew Research Associate
Chen, Mr Lin Research Associate
Cheng, Miss Shanshan Research Associate
Cholostiakow, Mr Szymon Marie Curie Early Stage Researcher
De-ville, Simon Research Associate
Escolano Margarit, Dr David Marie Curie Individual Fellowship
Figueiredo, Dr Fabio Marie Curie Individual Fellowship
Fish, Katherine Research Associate
He, Mr Linwei Research Associate
Hetherington, Mr Jack Research Associate
Husband, Stewart Research Fellow
Kakonyi, Gabriella Research Staff / Research Project Manager
Khan, Dr Irfan Research Associate
Kazemi, Mr Ehsan Marie Curie Researcher
Koutas, Dr Lampros Research Associate - Concrete Engineering
Machell, Dr John Visiting Researcher
Mallinson, Emma Research Assistant
Mehmanzai, Dr Pervaiz Research Associate
Mounce, Dr Steve Visiting Research Fellow
Muthusamy, Mr Manoranjan Marie Curie Early Stage Researcher
Nawaz, Dr Najmur Research Associate in Water Futures
Nicholls, Dr Henry Postdoctoral Research Staff
Oliveira Mendes Martins, Mr Ricardo Dani Research Associate
Punzo, Dr Giuliano Research Associate
Regadio Garcia,Mercedes Marie Curie Individual Postdoctoral Fellow
Rubinato, Dr Matteo Research Fellow
Sailor, Mr Gavin Research Associate
Sanvitale, Dr Nicoletta Research Associate
Shahabpoor Ardakani, Mr Erfan Research Associate
Shaw, James Postdoctoral Research Associate
Shepherd, Will Postdoctoral Research Staff
Sonnenwald, Fred Research Associate
Speight, Vanessa Senior Research Fellow in Integrated Water Systems
Sriwastava, Mr Ambuj Marie Curie Early Stage Researcher
Zhu, Juanjuan Post-doctoral Research Associate

Research Students

Name Research Group Email
Abuzayed, Ismail Hamed Ali Computational Mechanics and Design
Amodio, Serenella Computational Mechanics and Design
Arbabi, Hadi Resources, Infrastructure Systems and Built Environments
Askari, Syed Water Engineering
Ayog, Janice Water Engineering
Cai, Lingjie Blast and Impact Engineering
Chakraborty, Rohit Resources, Infrastructure Systems and Built Environments
Charles, Jared Geotechnical Engineering
Cho, Yun-Hang Water Engineering
Corredor Garcia, Jesus Water Engineering
Dalby, Emily Water Engineering
Doronina, Anastasia Water Engineering
El Khouri, Imad Concrete and Earthquake Engineering
Ethur Dias, Adriano Resources, Infrastructure Systems and Built Environments
Fathi, Farshid Steel Structures
Gaber, Fahed Geotechnical Engineering
Hageman, Tim Steel Structures
Hough, Ian Water Engineering
Isa, Muhammad Nura Concrete and Earthquake Engineering
Jones, Eleanor Water Engineering
Kyritsakas, Grigorios Water Engineering
Lamb, Natalie Water Engineering
Li, Hang Geotechnical Engineering
Moavi, Mohammad Concrete and Earthquake Engineering
Munir, Said Resources, Infrastructure Systems and Built Environments
Muraro, Fabio Water Engineering
Pannell, Jordan Blast and Impact Engineering
Peng, Zhangjie Water Engineering
Pick, Frances Water Engineering
Saputra, Bastian Water Engineering
Shirvani, Mohammad Water Engineering
Soria Penafiel, Rosa Water Engineering
Sun, Xitong Water Engineering
Weston, Sally Water Engineering
Williams, Gabriella Geotechnical Engineering
Wu, Jiayi Water Engineering
Zhang, Rui Geotechnical Engineering