Yasser Helal – Research Student

Yasser Helal

Telephone: 25728
Room: E110A

email : y.helal@sheffield.ac.uk

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Plastic Hinge Zones of Under-designed Reinforced Concrete Structures

Much of the existing building stock in developing countries has been designed according to old standards and often suffers from inadequate construction practices. As a result, these structures have deficient lateral load resistance and are considered to be the most prone to earthquake damages. Seismically upgrading such structures with the most suitable technique requires a proper assessment for their performance considering element and overall seismic behaviour. Plastic hinge zones play a dominant role in the seismic response of structures; this is attributed to their ability to dissipate the seismic energy through achieving inelastic deformations. This study aims to implement performance-based models (PBM) to address deficiencies, in plastic hinge zones, in an effort to improve the procedures for assessing the seismic behaviour of deficient RC structures. Advanced micro-models of the deficiencies will be developed, calibrated and incorporated in the PBM so as to assess the behaviour of RC elements at different damage levels. Work at the University of Sheffield has led to the development of the metal strapping technique, which is an economical, practical strengthening technology experimentally proved to work well under monotonic loading. In this study, metal strapping technique will be used to overcome the deficiencies considering both monotonic and cyclic loading. Based on the outcomes of this study, an analytical model for strengthened joints will be developed.

Metal Strapping Technique