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Yaser Jemaa

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Seismic Behaviour of Deficient Low Strength RC Exterior Beam-Column Joints

RC beam-column joints are one of the most important parts in moment resisting frames, as the collapse of joints can cause severe damage which may jeopardise the integrity of the whole structure. In common practice and despite this fact, structural engineers still tend to model RC joints as rigid connections neglecting the impact of their local behaviour on the global response. In many developing countries, this problem is more pronounced, as the majority of old existing structures were designed according to old codes with no seismic provisions. Proper assessment and retrofitting of such structures is much needed as they suffer from poor quality of construction (Fig1).

This research focuses on assessing and modelling the effect of existing low strength RC exterior Beam-Column joints with substandard details on the overall frame behaviour. The primary research goal is to develop a rational analytical model that accounts for the local nonlinear behaviour of RC exterior Beam-Column joints without the need of complicated calibration procedures. The model will be incorporated in a suitable frame FEA software. The proposed model will address the effects of the following issues:

  • Low strength concrete, typically found in RC structures of developing countries.
  • Different types of bar anchorage arrangements representative of existing buildings.
  • Shear behaviour of joints with inadequate shear reinforcement.

The accuracy of the proposed analytical model to predict the seismic behaviour of beam-column joints will be examined by testing a set of exterior joints under cyclic loading at the University of Sheffield (Fig2). Based on the outcomes of this study, some recommendations will be developed.

This research is sponsored by Al-Baath University, Syria. http://www.albaath-univ.edu.sy/

Fig 1

Fig 2