Paul Graham Raven - Research Staff

Paul Graham Raven

Room: D105, Sir Frederick Mappin Building


Research Group: Pennine Water Group


Paul Graham Raven joined the Pennine Water Group in 2011 as a Research Assistant in Infrastructure Futures on the ESPRC-funded projects All-in-One and Transforming Utilities' Conversion Points. His current research is concerned with metasystemic interdependencies and climate change impacts in infrastructure, in strategic foresight and path-dependent scenario development, and in stakeholder engagement, public outreach and post-normal engineering praxis.

Paul earned an MA with Merit in Creative Writing from Middlesex University in 2012; he is a recognised critic of science fiction literature and a published short story author, a commentator and public speaker on the rhetorics of technoscience, cyberculture and transhumanism, and has sold freelance articles to venues including New Scientist, Wired UK and ARC.