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Already proven as a popular solution, retrofitting the reinforced concrete (RC) structures by externally bonded fibre reinforced polymers (EB-FRP) has reached the point when research needs to concentrate towards enhanced structural efficiency and cost effectiveness. The objective of the present research is to address these challenges aiming at improving FRP strengthening performance. This work is foreseen to provide confidence to the structural engineers on the safe and economic use of FRPs for strengthening solutions accelerating their application. Beside its valued benefits, the drawback of flexural strengthening of RC beams by bonding an FRP plate to their soffit is represented by the premature debonding at the plate end. Although several proposals to predict the debonding level can be found in the literature, none of them is widely applicable or give very scattered results. Hence, through both experimental and numerical investigations, a more accurate design model to control end debonding and an optimized anchorage solution are anticipated as the output of this research. In view of their very attractive cost to performance ratio, the relatively new basalt fibres are also examined as an economic alternative to currently used materials.

RC beam strengthened in shear using Basalt FRP strips

This work is part of the Research and Training Network En-Core ( sponsored by the European Community FP6. The project consortium comprises eleven European partners from both academia and industry being coordinated by The University of Sheffield (UK).