The Integrated Design Project

Our integrated design project offers a distinctive opportunity to play a key role as part of a team working on a realistic design project. It’s about creating and testing ideas to solve real-world problems. In doing so, you'll improve your technical knowledge, communication, practical skills and employability at a stroke.

The integrated design project is a feature of most of our undergraduate courses. You’ll spend half of your third year on it, giving you the opportunity to fully experience the breadth and depth of civil and structural engineering design.

 What does the project involve?

Unleashing your creativity on a grand scale. Devising plans for an entire urban regeneration project. Investigating new methods and materials. Developing detailed designs: elegant bridges, sustainable, efficient, environmentally-sensitive multi-storey buildings, state-of-the-art sports venues. Don't forget the drainage and foundations that are essential to make everything else work. And what would change if your project were on the other side of the world – in an earthquake zone or at risk of flooding?

The integrated design project will develop your skills in: Integrated Design Project

  • acquiring and applying technical knowledge
  • group work – leadership, discussion, planning, monitoring, assessing, reporting on progress, taking responsibility, taking action
  • understanding the bigger picture that surrounds engineering projects – the issues, the aims, and sometimes the constraints; the different viewpoints of people working on and affected by a project
  • creativity and innovation – priceless skills in the modern workplace
  • presenting and arguing the case for your ideas

If you're building towards a career in civil or structural engineering, the project will be an invaluable practical experience. Whatever you work on, you'll be getting a concrete feel for the kind of technical, professional and management issues that civil engineers come up against in the real world. It'll stand you in fine stead after graduating when you're starting your career. And it'll equip you to shape the world people live in – every day of your working life.