Scholarships for UK/EU Students 

Department of Civil & Structural Engineering Scholarship for Excellence for 2018 Entry

The Scholarship is worth up to £4,000 towards the cost of your tuition fees over the duration of your course based on the following:

  • £1,000 will be awarded in year 1 if you (i) exceed the academic conditions of our standard UCAS offer (which is AAA at A2 A-level or equivalent qualification), and (ii) choose Sheffield as your 'firm' UCAS choice.
  • Continuation of the scholarship will be dependent on continued academic achievement. Further awards of £1,000 contribution to tuition fees will be made in each subsequent year of study in which you achieve an average end-of-year grade of 70% or above.

Scholarships for International Students

Faculty of Engineering Excellence Scholarships for 2017 Entry

The Faculty of Engineering is offering a number of scholarship awards to international, undergraduate students with established and continued academic excellence. Students meeting the award criteria will receive the award on entry with the amount dependent on academic achievement as follows:

  • A*A*A* - £3000
  • A*A*A - £2000
  • A*AA - £1000

Students who maintain excellence throughout their chosen degree programme will receive an additional £1000 award year on year.
For self-funded students when combined with the University Engineering International Scholarship, a total fee reduction of nearly 20% per year is available, should a student maintain eligibility for the two scholarships until the course finishes.

Candidates will not have to apply for these scholarships, as they are automatically awarded to all eligible students when they commence their studies in the Department.

To be eligible for an Excellence Scholarship you must:

  • Achieve A*AA / A*A*A / A*A*A* in A Level Mathematics plus Physics or Chemistry and one other subject or equivalent qualifications. (See below).
  • be an undergraduate student
  • be classed as an international student for tuition fee purposes
  • make The University of Sheffield your first (firm) choice in the UCAS application process
  • begin study in September 2017
Qualification Achievement

A Levels

A*AA : Mathematics plus either Physics or Chemistry. Note: A* must be for Mathematics, Physics or Chemistry OR - A*A*A / A*A*A*

International Baccalaureate

A*AA : 38 points, 7 HL maths, 6 HL physics or HL chemistry. A*A*A - 40 points, 7 HL maths, 7 HL physics or HL chemistry. A*A*A* : 42 points, 7 HL maths, 7 HL physics or HL chemistry.

Indian Level 12 Secondary Certificate

A*AA : 90 overall, 90 maths 90 physics. A*A*A : 93 overall, 93 maths 93 physics. A*A*A* : 96 overall, 96 maths 96 physics.
HKDSE A*AA 5* compulsory maths, 5 Calculus and (one other maths), 5 physics/chemistry/science. A*A*A : 5* compulsory maths, 5* calculus and (one other maths), 5. A*A*A*, 5* Compulsory maths, 5* calculus and (one other maths), 5* physics/chemistry/science.
Malaysia Unified Examination Certificate (UEC) 12 points for A*AA, 10 points for A*A*A and 8 for A*A*A*
Singapore Integrated Programmes AAA : H2 to include Mathematics plus Physics or Chemistry
Direct entrants to Year 2
1st Year from other institution 1st class year from 1 (pre university qualifications must match those listed in the recognised pre university qualifications for the award).

Singapore Diploma (Civil & Structural Engineering related courses)

cGPA 3.70 cGPA 3.70, cGPA 3.85, cGPA 4.0


  • Receipt of the scholarship in subsequent years of study is subject to you achieving 70% overall average mark in the previous academic year. The scholarship will be withdrawn if you fail to achieve 70% and it will not be reinstated in the following year.
  • You will not receive the scholarship during any optional or compulsory study abroad periods or year in industry.
  • The awards will not be awarded where partial funding is applicable from an external body* or there is an agreement already in place between the external body and the University of Sheffield to offer a tuition fee discount to the student.
  • For self-funded students, the scholarship will take the form of a tuition fee reduction only. For sponsored students the scholarship will be in the form of a prize.
  • The scholarship will be awarded automatically - no application is required in the first or any subsequent years.

Disclaimer: All details were correct at the time of publication and can be subject to change.