A Year in Industry

Our MEng and BEng courses with a Year in Industry are structured in the same way and have the same contents as our standard MEng and BEng courses. In addition they offer the opportunity to spend a year, after completion of the penultimate academic year, working in a civil or structural engineering company. This industrial experience could be on site, in an office or a combination of both.Year in Industry It will be paid and will provide you with wide-ranging experiences and opportunities that will put your academic studies into context and improve your skills and employability. You will benefit from experiencing the culture in industry, making contacts, operating as a graduate engineer and preparing for subsequent employment.

It is the student'€™s responsibility to secure the placement for the year but the department and the University'€™s Careers Service and Employability Team will provide comprehensive support and guidance to students both prior to and during your industrial placement. Staff will help you to prepare a CV and you will start applying to companies for placements during the penultimate academic year of study. The Year in Industry is assessed and monitored by an academic member of staff, and in recognition it will appear in your final degree title. After the Year in Industry you will return to complete the final year of your course.

2014 - 15 Industrial Partners

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