Facilities & Resources

Pipe Systems 

- for more information contact Dr Richard Collins

  • Temperature controlled potable water system for biofilm growth/examination 3 x 200 m of 90 mm pipe
  • Copper pipe loop
  • Contaminant Ingress test rig 120 m x 90 mm pipe
  • 4 off 100 m pipe coils and 2 off double pump pressure systems for transients in pipe testing
World leading PWG faciliteis copper_pipe_loop
contaminate_test_rig double_pump_system

Open Channel Flumes

- for more information contact Professor Ian Guymer

  • 1.2 m wide, 0.6 m deep, 15 m long fibre glass panelled flume
  • Annular flume in temperature controlled laboratory
  • 300 mm x 450 mm x 12 m glass flume
  • 500 mm x 500 mm x 16 m glass panelled flume with pump and flow control
fibre_flume annular_flume

Model Aquifer Facility

- for more information contact Professor Steve Thornton

  • 40 m long x 6 m wide x 5 m deep model sandy aquifer with flow control systems for experimental research
  • See ICAIR
large_scale_1 large_scale_2

Urban Drainage

- for more information contact Dr James Shucksmith

  • Surface/Sewer flows interaction facility, 8 m x 4 m surface linked to a 75 mm drainage pipe work by a 240 mm ‘manhole’. Hydrological Performance Test Beds
  • 300 mm dia x 20 m clear acrylic pipe test rig with pump and flow control
  • Real Time Control Test facility, 35 m of 200 mm pipe with 4, 1 m diameter manholes. Featuring automated gate and depth sensors.
surface_sewer real_time_facility

Green Infrastructure

- for more information contact Professor Virginia Stovin

  • 12 off green roof test rigs with flow monitoring and moisture data collection system
  • 2 x 300 mm diameter infiltration columns for unsaturated hydraulic conductivity measurements. The systems include: controlled inflow/rainfall; moisture content sensors and tensiometers within the sample; and drainage/runoff measurement below the columns.
green_roof infiltration-cols

Settling Column

- for more information contact Dr Andy Nichols

  • 300 mm dia x 6 m tall settling column with Electrical Resistance Tomography (ERT) sensor
ERT_pic1 ERT_pic2