Water Engineering - Sub-disciplines

The Department hosts the UK’s largest urban water research group, bringing together people from different disciplines to advance engineering and scientific knowledge across all aspects of water engineering and management. Our research builds upon a culture of nurturing and addressing industry needs in collaboration with a range of stakeholders to provide innovative solutions to challenging problems. Our activities span a range of fundamental, experimental and applied research, including many aspects of understanding and modelling hydraulics and hydrological processes, hydrogeology, drainage and flood risk management, potable water distribution infrastructure, environmental fluid mechanics, surface mixing processes and sediment transport.

Research Sub-disciplines

Pond_Env_flowsEnvironmental Fluid Mechanics – Coastal and river hydrodynamics; Impacts of vegetation on flow and mixing processes/pollutant transport in natural and engineered contexts; Numerical modelling.

Core Members:
Ian GuymerSongdong ShaoGeorges KesserwaniAlma SchellartJames Shucksmith, Virginia Stovin & Simon Tait

Drilling ActivityGroundwater Protection and Restoration - Laboratory, field and modelling applications on: groundwater hydrology, contaminant hydrogeology, fate transport and remediation of subsurface pollutants, site characterization and risk assessment.

Core Members:
Domenico Bau & Steve Thornton

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green_roofSuDS (Sustainable Drainage Systems) and Urban Drainage – Hydrological performance model development for vegetated SuDS (including green roofs); Rainfall and uncertainty analysis; urban flooding.

Use of field and laboratory observations and CFD models to understand hydrodynamics and pollutant transport processes in drainage systems.

Core Members:
Andy Nichols, Alma Schellart, Virginia StovinSimon TaitJoby BoxallIan Guymer, Georges Kesserwani & James Shucksmith

MessOfPipesWater Distribution Systems and Infrastructure – Application of advanced modelling tools, laboratory and field work to hydraulic and water quality interactions in piped networks, including leakage, discoloration and pressure transients.

Core Members:
Joby Boxall, Richard CollinsIsabel DoutereloStewart HusbandVanessa Speight & Ian Guymer

catchmentsCatchments and River Engineering – Flooding; Hydrodynamic modelling; Water Quality Processes and Modelling; Pollutant Dynamics and Transport; Urban/Rural Interactions; Eco hydraulics.

Core Members:
Georges KesserwaniCharles RougeJames Shucksmith & Ian Guymer

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The Water Engineering Research Group is part of the University-wide Sheffield Water Centre, and many of our staff were also part of the Pennine Water Group.