Rosie Ogunade, BSc Psychology

Rosie Ogunade
Rosie Ogunade
Undergraduate student
BSc Psychology
Rosie didn't think she'd be able to get into Sheffield, but after receiving her results she was able to attend an Adjustment open day before deciding that Sheffield was the best place for her.
Rosie Ogunade

Originally, my plan was to study at Chester University as I had an unconditional offer from them. It wasn’t until after results day, when my tutor asked if there was anywhere else I wanted to apply because my results had been better than expected, that I realised how many doors were now open. I told him I wanted to apply for the University of Sheffield and he encouraged me to give it a try - I’m so grateful for his words of wisdom!

I didn’t really know much about Sheffield but I’d heard good things from friends who’d been there. I did lots of research and thought the BSc Psychology course looked great as it was more varied than other universities, which appealed to me because I could dabble in different things to see what I liked. The course also offered the chance to try modules from other subjects, so this year I’ve been able to do philosophy modules alongside my psychology degree.

I didn’t know much about the Adjustment process at first as it’s lesser known than Clearing, but I knew the idea was that if you got your predicted grades or higher then you had the chance to ‘trade up’ to a better university.

I thought the process would be complicated but it wasn’t at all. I called the University’s Clearing call centre and they just asked me some quick questions, looked over my UCAS and let me know right there and then that they were happy to offer me a place. They gave me some time to think about it and I had the chance to come to an open day, so I wasn’t pressured at all.  It was so simple, which was a relief because I thought it would be really stressful which was putting me off doing it, but I’m so glad I did.

As I applied late I had no idea how I was going to find somewhere to live but I was guaranteed accommodation and still had a choice of where to stay, which really put my mind at ease.

The Adjustment open day was really helpful. It gave me the chance to talk to people from the university and be given a tour.  It also marked my first time coming to Sheffield, which gave me a better taste of the city than just looking on Google Maps and helped me know I was making the right choice!

Rosie Ogunade

When I called they just asked me some quick questions and looked over my UCAS, then let me know right there and then that they were happy to offer me a place

Rosie Ogunade

BSc Psychology

I liked Sheffield from the off; it has such a campus university feel for a city, it’s really green and clean and the people are really nice. I’m from Manchester where people can be quite busy and swept up in their lifestyles, so it was nice to come to a place where people are more calm and friendly. Oh and I love how cheap the buses are for students!

In terms of University life, I’ve enjoyed my degree so far. It’s been difficult but I was expecting that and it’s good to be challenged. It’s nice to know that the support is there from the department too. My personal tutor has been so lovely throughout the year and I always knew that if I needed to ask him anything that I could and the staff in general have all been so approachable.

One of the things I didn’t give too much thought about beforehand was the University’s Students’ Union, but there’s so much to get involved in. I’ve joined the music playlist society as I was heavily involved in music when I was in college and was in a band, so joining the society and meeting similar people has been really fun. I’ve also had a go at a few different sports since I’ve been here.

I’ve been on the Students’ Union council too, which has been really interesting. I’m not that politically savvy but learning about the democratic process and the way in which the Students’ Union runs - especially because it’s voted number one in the country - was really interesting.

The University fosters a good balance between academic and social life and that’s something that I could sense as soon as I got here. I didn’t expect that there’d be so much to do but there’s lots going on and so much to get involved with!

My advice to others this exam results day would be to try not to worry, don’t hold onto your first choice and have an open mind. Clearing and Adjustment are a good opportunity to ask yourself where you want to go and why and what you want from a university.

It can seem like a rough process but once you’ve finished your exams it’s nice to have the clarity to see what you actually want. I feel like I was given a second chance to get it right and rethink what was best for me. Good luck!