Information for supervisors

Clinical supervision is a central component of the DClin Psy course and the hard work and commitment of our supervisors is greatly appreciated. The programme aims to offer support opportunities for development for supervisors and we hope you find these pages useful.

Contact details

If you have any queries about supervision, or becoming a supervisor on the Sheffield programme, please contact any of the clinical tutors via Rachel Hill, Placement Administrator - tel 0114 222 6573

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For further details about Supervisor Training, please visit our Supervisor workshops page, however if you have any queries about training, please contact Dr Katherine Hildyard, tel: 0114 222 6609

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Further information about the individual programme responsibilities of the Clinical Tutor team, along with their contact details, can be found on the staff listing at the following link

Staff Contacts

Clinical Practice Subcommittee

You can also feedback to the course via your local representative on the Clinical Practice Subcommittee (CPSC), which oversees clinical practice on the course, or by contacting Dr Paddy Howes (Chair), tel: 0114 222 6634.

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Further information about the CPSC can be found in section 4.6 of the Supervisor Information Pack, available for download from the following page:

The supervisor representatives are as follows:

email : Dr Shona Goodall - CAMHS, Sheffield