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  • MRC award for CMIAD members, Ian Sabroe and David Dockrell

    Award for CMIAD members, Ian Sabroe and David Dockrell from the Medical Research Council to continue exploration of the roles of Pellino-1 in airways infection.

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  • CMIAD PI modifes Botox treatment for the relief of pain

    A team of 22 scientists from 11 research institutes led by Professor Bazbek Davletov, created and characterised a new molecule that was able to alleviate hypersensitivity to inflammatory pain.

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  • Stem cell “sticky spots” recreated by scientists

    Randomly distributed sticky spots which are integral to the development of stem cells by maximising adhesion and acting as internal scaffolding have been artificially recreated by experts from the University of Sheffield's CMIAD group.

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  • Exploring the cause of childhood brain tumour

    BMS and CMIAD member, Dr Andrew Furley, will investigate the cause of the most common form of childhood brain tumour following a £200,000 award from Yorkshire Cancer Research.

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