Low intensity pulsed ultrasound as a new therapy for promoting skin healing

BMS and CMIAD member, Mark Bass, has just published, in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology, a new strategy for accelerating  skin healing by the application of low-lintensity pulsed ultrasound. Over 200,000 patients in the UK suffer from chronic wounds, costing the NHS over £3.1 billion per year. Sufferers are drawn from aged or diabetic patients, meaning that this is an escalating challenge.

The work from Dr Bass’ laboratory finds that the slow skin healing rates of old or diabetic animals can be restored to the rates of young, healthy individuals, reducing healing times by up to 40%. The therapy works by bump-starting the normal migration mechanisms of fibroblasts through a calcium and Rac1-dependent pathway.

The study goes on to show that ultrasound is equally effective in activating fibroblasts from human venous leg ulcer patients, meaning that clinical usage is now on the horizon.

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