We hold regular monthly meetings held in A floor Conference Room, Alfred Denny building at 9am. All welcome.

Forthcoming Seminars:

April 12:

Harriet Knafler (Ayscough lab, BMS):
The role of the AP2 endocytic adaptor complex in Candida albicans morphology and virulence

Mohammed Nasser (BMS):
Investigating the trafficking of the Nav1.7 sodium channel

May 10:

Q and A session from Mark Dunning and Emily Chambers (Bioinformatics support)

Toni Carmona (Erdmann lab, BMS):
PTPN13 and SDCCAG3: key players in the regulation of Fas-mediated apoptosis and cell proliferation

June 7:

Professor Martin Lowe, University of Manchester.
Title tbc