What other people say about the department of Hispanic Studies...

Janek Saller, BA Hispanic Studies student:

"I'm from London and I love it here. It's so friendly - people say hello to you in the street, there's a great atmosphere, and it's a lot cheaper! It's a really quality place."
Kieran Joglekar, BA French/Hispanic Studies student:

"I've found the Hispanic Studies Department to be really friendly and supportive. There's always plenty going on... it's hard not to get involved."
Anna Tolputt, graduated 2000:

"I never got the chance at the end of last year to say how much my time in the Hispanic Studies Department meant to me. I was giddy with the number of opportunities I had there that I could never have had anywhere else. It was lovely to know that the staff knew the students so well (even those they didn't teach) and were willing to put loads more energy into departmental activities than anyone could reasonably expect! All credit to them that the department is so warm and dynamic. I'll never forget it."
Mark Greenstock, father of Jessica, who graduated in 2000:

"We had absolutely no right to expect that your Department would make such supportive and imaginative gestures on Jessica's behalf, and we do appreciate all the arrangements you have made for her... You are an example to us all... Thank you looking after her so well and for being an amazing Department."
Ian Smallwood, PhD 2001:

"I would like to thank you... for the moral support and encouragement you have given me throughout. Postgraduate study can be difficult insofar as motivation and determination are concerned and it is important to have a good department behind you and know that you can turn to many people for advice and guidance, even when one's supervisor is faultless... Finally, I would like to point out how pleased I am with both my examiners. [Their] thorough and intelligent reading of my thesis offered useful insights, perspectives and constructive criticism, offering scope for further lines of investigation that can be followed up. [The] overall management of the submission and examination process was impeccable."