Two WRAP-funded waste glass research projects worth some £1.2m were undertaken by the Centre for Cement and Concrete (CCC) at the University of Sheffield. These projects, known as the ConGlassCrete I & II Projects examined the use of waste container, plate, windscreen, lightbulb and fibre glass streams as alternative coarse and fine aggregates and cement replacements in concrete.

The projects have 26 participating partners across the UK in the waste glass collection and processing, environmental protection and concrete products sectors.


As well as an extensive laboratory research programme, the CCC are conducting some 29 technical projects in collaboration with their 8 large precast concrete partners across the country from the Scottish Midlands to the South of England.


A main aim of the ConGlassCrete Projects is information dissemination and providing assistance to commercial bodies interested in our work. To this end, we are providing a free, no obligation subscription to our information and support services.